Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gender terms

I don't know about you guys, but I always get confused with so many gender terms. Since we are talking about gender on #issuemonth at Global Issues SIG, I invite you all to share some of the terms with your students and help them understand a bit more about respecting the differences. In this lesson plan you will also be able to see three videos, read a piece of an article and, of course, listen to a nice song. Let me know what you think about it and please, share it with everyone you know, so we can improve our lesson plans with different opinions.
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Videos used in this LP:
video on terms
Jenner Bio
walk on the wild side
Transgender in the 70's

sex and gender


Friday, September 23, 2016

Understand the inexplicable war in Syria

I live in a very dangerous city, a city where there are lots of people dying from stray bullets, armed robbery and people are even being killed by mistake by police officers. I always thought I lived in a war zone, until I saw a video that made me change my mind. Rio de Janeiro is definitely dangerous and you can get killed, but mainly because you were at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Now just try to imagine if everywhere you go is actually THE WRONG PLACE and everytime you breathe is THE WRONG TIME. This is probably how people feel in Syria.
Syria is so far from where I live, it is so far from my thoughts that I just wake up and go to bed every single day without even considering caring and worrying about those people. I always felt that I had my own problems, but it is not that simple. Again, I invite you to use your imagination;  shut your eyes and try to remember the place where you were born and grew up, see it being bombed day and night? Try to imagine you are a Syrian mother and there is nowhere you can hide and protect your kids. You will certainly fail in your most important role as a mother, which is to SAVE your kids. There is nothing you can do, no one can be trusted, you cant stay and raise your kids the way you had always dreamt of. Imagine you are a syrian child, and if it is hard for you to do that just close your eyes once more; you have no right to play or to study, you don't even have the right to ask your mom not to send you to school because there is no school anymore, you can't pretend you are sick, because you are probably sicker than you could ever suppose, you can't play with your toys, you can't go to your friend's house for a sleepover because friends are all either dead or left their houses. This, my friends, makes me stop breathing for awhile, makes my eyes water till I cannot see anything. This, my dear friends, is war, and the only way out for Syrians is leaving their country and starting from scratch somewhere else. Somewhere they don't speak the language, somewhere where they are not welcome, and there will be a reporter to kick their legs when they are almost get to freedom.
Hope that you can raise your students' awareness of this and maybe in the future this new generation will understand wars kill much more than families. Wars burn dreams, destroy hope and lead to hate, pure evil, hate from one person to another.

Leave a comment after you use this lsson plan, please!!!
video 1
video 2
Heal the World

Monday, September 19, 2016


Talking about gender issues always makes me think of inequity and the gender pay gap. Of course this is also a good opportunity to promote a wider discussion on gender identity as well. In this lesson plan you will be able to find different videos and songs and questions. Hope you have a great time, let me know how your class went.

Here are the links to the videos
It's a man's world
Women inventors

Here is the lesson plan

Here are the slides

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lesson Plan - conversation on suicide prevention

Yellow September. It is how September is known here, as a month of suicide prevention. I have prepared a lesson plan for you. This is a very important issue that we never know how to talk about. Being sensitive and facing that many of our teenager students have already had suicidal thoughts is the first step to help them somehow.
Hope you like it
You are loved - song
50 reasons

Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Past and the holocaust words

Whenever my daughter asks me if I think the next world war will ever happen, I tell her wars are happening all the time, but it is not called world war III because the world is becoming selfish and country leaders just seem to intervene in what interferes in their countries' routine.My daughter is only 10 years old, of course she has heard of what happened during world war II but I have done what it needs to "hide" videos and information about the concentration camps and all the barbary that happened there. I feel embarrassed to let her know that some humans can be so cruel.
Because this is a blog that aims at lifting up our spirits it was almost impossible to find a video that was not depressing and full of anger. But, finally, I found one that you can see on the link below:
click to see the video
 You may use the worksheet as well:

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vocabulary post -

Olympic Games in Rio were really successful, but what definitely caught my eye was not the opening ceremony, not another gold medal won by Phelps and not even him being defeated by a young man whose dream was to be as good as Michael Phelps. What made me stop, think and brought me tears of commotion happened during a 5000m race, after bumping and falling to the floor, two brave women decided to help each other to make it to the end.
click here and grab a tissue
 Being generous to someone and trying to understand people's feelings seems to have become extremely unusual nowadays. When there is someone who is walking too slowly in front of me, I get angry and I dont even think that person can be fighting his own battle and his pace may be slow because he needs time. When I pretend I dont see a person asking for money I am a total selfish person. I could list all the moments that I just care about myself and dont put myself in others shoes, think about you and make a mental list of the things you need to do to change it.
There is a worksheet below, feel free :)
 I have also prepared a lesson plan to talk about empathy, got the inspiration from Kieran Donaghy (


Monday, May 16, 2016

First Conditional

I have a daughter. I know life won't be easy for her. She will have to prove the world that besides being beautiful she is also competent. She will have to fight for her rights to get a fair salary at work. She will have to learn how to protect herself from sexist jokes. She will face much harder moments than her brother. I am happy that I am teaching her how to be strong and how to be in charge of her own body and mind I am also happy that I am teaching my son how to respect girls and never hurt them. This video and activity are about women empowerment.

Worksheet available at the end of this post. Leave a message if you'd like to see something specific.